ORIENT CROWN open their 3rd outlet in Marina Bay Sands

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(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 2nd September 2021, Singapore) ORIENT CROWN, Southeast Asia’s leading luxury watch winder retailer is proud to announce the launch of its 3rd outlet in Marina Bay Sands, a standalone kiosk located at B2-K17 enroute to the skating rink. After opening their Flagship store on Level 1 and a second store in B2M (next to casino door), to serve their customers better, the open concept kiosk will allow for better accessibility and coverage of the brand over the wide expanse of the mall.

Established in Singapore in 2010, Orient Crown is now Southeast Asia’s market leader in the watch winder industry. In the last decade, Orient Crown has grown rapidly, driven by quality, design and affordability. With state-of-the-art in house designed mechanisms for incredible control and reliability, using the finest quality components, Orient Crown has built a reputation for exceptional products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but of high-quality at incredible value, the perfect storage display solution for any watch collection.

The launch of this kiosk, set within the best luxury shopping mall and the leading business, entertainment and leisure destination in Asia, offers discerning consumers the ability to see the entire range up close in one location across all 3 outlets. Just as watch ownership is a tactile experience, here, ORIENT CROWN customers can see and touch the beautiful materials of the watch winders and luxury safes for themselves.

Inside the kiosk, watch enthusiasts can find the perfect display accessory for their collection. From single winders to large cabinets, the latest collections will be on display. “It is a very proud and important moment for us.” notes Mr Waleed Abumazen, Founder and Director,” Not only in creating the perfect space to sample our entire range of watch winders, showcasing the customization potential of our innovative bespoke solutions, but to have this space in the prestigious surrounds of MBS. Our customers are stunned that we are opening a 3rd outlet in MBS, but they welcome the kiosk as an additional venue they can view our products”.

Orient Crown is a breath of fresh air in an industry that has changed little in over five decades. With a commitment to ground-breaking innovation and luxury, each watch winder is the epitome of beautiful design and perfect functionality. Opening a 3rd outlet in MBS on the back of a global pandemic underscores their commitment to their customers and the confidence in their products

The new ORIENT CROWN kiosk is now open in the heart of MBS, with a dedicated team ready to help customers find the perfect watch winder for any collection.

ORIENT CROWN, supporting discerning watch collectors since 2010, born in Singapore and loved worldwide.


Ms. Iris Sim-Glasscoe

Sales and Marketing Manager


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