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What is my OMEGA watch TPD on a watch winder? What are directional settings for my OMEGA Watch on a winder?

What is my OMEGA TPD on a watch winder? How does it work?

OMEGA TPD in a watch winder is a commonly used term for Turns Per Day. This is the amount of rotation per day on a watch winder to rotate your OMEGA Watches. You may check your OMEGA TPD from here so that you can set the winder accordingly to your OMEGA watch setting requirements. Please take note, different model has a different TPD, still don’t know your OMEGA TPD? find your watch TPD at https://orientcrown.com.sg/pages/tpd or contact the watch manufacturer for more information.


What are directional settings for my OMEGA on a watch winder?

Knowing your OMEGA TPD for a watch winder is not enough. You should also know the directional setting on a watch winder. Directional settings are internal watch movements in clockwise, counter-clockwise or bi-directional. All watches have different internally mechanical movements. There are some watches with clockwise mechanisms, some counter-clockwise and some even have it both ways. Apply the correct directional setting on the watch winder will keep watch wound and functioning.

Having a good watch winder also can minimize watch servicing and preserve your timepieces to function properly at all times.

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