Automatic Watch Winder TPD Setting

Orient Crown has a complete database of watch winding requirements which practically covers almost all mechanical watches. Our aim is to help watch collectors to have the convenient to get instant access of the TPD and Directional Settings for their watches. Using correct TPD setting will in enhancing the life span of the watch and to minimize unnecessary maintenance. In most cases, this database presents information available on the manufacturer websites. If you would like to be sure about your watch TPD setting please contact the watch manufacturer /distributor directly.

Orient Crown cannot guarantee the accuracy of this database, information provided are at our best knowledge during our data compilation. Cannot find your watch TPD setting from our comprehensive database? You may try the following method to determine your watch winding settings:

- Place your fully wound automatic watch on your winder.
- Set your winder to bi-directional winding at 1000 TPD.

If this setting doesn't keep your watch wound then try to choose one direction for the winding - Clockwise (CW) or Counter Clockwise (CCW). If this setting keeps your watch wound, decrease TPD to the lowest setting that still keeps your watch wound.

Note: Most watches in the market wind bi-directionally will be able to wind at all rotational settings: Both, CW, CCW. Watches that wind uni-directional will only be able to wind in one direction, either CW or CCW and in this case you need to find the required direction for your watch to wind from our database or you can try to wind CW if the watch don’t refill then use CCW and see the result if the watch keep working, if none of the above methods kept your watch wound then you need to consult your watch manufacturer.