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Infinite Series


Equipped with Time Park® winders technology,

INFINITÉ watch winder series is the most appropriate multi watch winder storage choice for all your expensive automatic watches. INFINITÉ watch winder series has an individual controller for each winder, allowing each automatic watch to proper winding as well as display and storage at the same time.

INFINITÉ watch winder series is extremely gorgeous in its compact size, it is made of selected wood with elegant black high-gloss lacquer. INFINITÉ watch winder series uses top quality electronic lock and latest digital RFID fingerprint lock system. It is designed with a spacious interior and quality tempered glass for a better view of your luxurious timepieces.

Orient Crown uses state-of-the-art technology to pursue higher precision for absolute perfect functionality and super quietness on rotary motion. With our patented innovation, we demand the best quality watch winder and excellent functionality to benefit your automatic watches.

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