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Description Caliber Turns Direct Turns Per Day
A-Centric Base DD Movt. Both 650
Citytamer Base ETA 2671 Both 650
Classic Pink Gold Watch:  DCH06242 Base JLC 896 TBD TBD
Classic PVD Moonphase Watch w/Strap:  DCH07947 Base JLC 924 CCW 800-950
Classic Watch Stainless Steel w/Strap:  DCH06842 Base JLC 896 TBD TBD
Dunhillion Citydiver Base ETA 2671 or ETA 2892-A2 Both 650
Longitude Millenium  GMT Base ETA 2893-2 Both 650
Parody Stone DD 14081 Both 650
RPM Tachymeter Chronograph Base ETA 2824 + DD Module Both 650
Wheel Watch 42mm Base DD Movement Both 650
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