ap watch winder

Amazing Steel Box Watch Winder for 12 Watches.


Equipped with Time Park® winders technology

VEZIR watch winder series is designed for all in one, one for all specifications. This watch winder steel box has a unique approach in design and is cater for all automatic watch collectors. VEZIR watch winder series uses solid steel on the outside to form an exceptionally secure steel box for the watches. This steel box watch winder is accessible by top quality electronic fingerprint sensor, key lock or password number padlock.

VEZIR watch winder series has its own elegant design and stylish interior to hold up to 12 watch winders slot with individual controller for each winder. Orient Crown uses state-of-the-art technology to pursue higher precision for absolute perfect functionality and super quietness on rotary motion. With our patented innovation, we demand the best quality watch winder and complete functionality to benefit your automatic watches.

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