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Biometric locking

Top Grain Leather

Customizable Winders

Solid Steel Body

About the Vezir 414

High Specification

Step into the realm of unparalleled sophistication with the Vezir 414 safe. It’s where cutting-edge Time Park® technology meets the artisanal charm of black leather cladding and high gloss ebony. A sanctuary for your timepieces, this safe not only protects with its robust steel construction but also enhances their glory with customizable LED lighting and luxurious grey velvet interiors.




449 L X 380 W X 414 H mm


70 Kg


Its body is constructed from 6mm solid steel, while the door features an 8mm thickness, meticulously laser-cut for precision. Encased optionally in sleek black leather. Inside, the grey silky velvet and high-gloss ebony wood offer a plush sanctuary for your watches.

  • Suit all watch brands and make with any size up to 65mm
  • Memory foam cushions
  • High quality watch winder
  • Silent motor
  • Fully automatic 15 TDP setting.
  • Front controller eases usage without the need to move the box.
  • Lockable door with key, and Biometric lock.
  • Spacious interior to eliminate friction.
  • Multi type of LED light inside the safe box winder preference with remote control. 
  • 8mm solid steel, laser cutting door with locking bolt works.
  • 6mm solid steel for the body.
  • Two ways, 8 bolt work locking system.
  • Power: 12V AC/DC Adapter (included).

Vezir 414

Experience the Perfect Harmony of Style and Precision with Our Watch Winder and Safe Combo!


- Experience tailored precision with a separate Turn-Per-Day (TPD) controller for every watch winder, ensuring optimal care for each timepiece.

Locking Mechanism

- Combine the UL certified Type 1 Electronic Lock (SECURAM) with a robust 4-way, 32mm bolt work locking system for enhanced security.


- Combining elegance with durability, our product features a top leather exterior complemented by a high-quality scratch-resistant powder coating finish.

LED lighting & RGB system

- You can change the interior LED lighting to match your mood or highlight your collection’s best features, creating a visually stunning display that’s as unique as your watches.


Watch Winders

Among its notable attributes lies the inclusion of five watch winders, each meticulously controlled individually for optimal performance.


Years Satisfactory Warranty

Every safe we craft is not just a product but a promise—a promise of durability, superior performance, and uncompromised safety.

Unwavering Protection with a Touch of Class

The Vezir 414 embodies the perfect balance between elegant aesthetics and formidable security. The exterior boasts a solid steel body, optionally clad in stylish black leather, while the interior gleams with grey smooth silky velvet and high gloss ebony wood accents, presenting a secure yet sophisticated cradle for your treasured watches.

Tailored Illumination

The Vezir 414 doesn’t just store watches; it displays them. With multi-type LED lighting inside the safe box winder, you can illuminate your collection to match your taste and preference, all controllable via a remote control. This feature adds a layer of personalization and ease of viewing to the already impressive offering.

Ultimate Security with Multi-Lock Integration

Securing your valuables is a multi-faceted approach with the Vezir 414. It features a lockable door, accessible via a key or Biometric lock, ensuring that your collection is safeguarded against unauthorized access. The 8mm laser-cut steel door and 6mm body are complemented by a two-way, 8-bolt locking system, merging state-of-the-art security with traditional lock-and-key mechanisms.

Integrated Time Park® Winders

Each of the 12 watch winders is armed with Time Park® technology, accommodating any watch size up to 65mm with a silent Motor. The unique memory foam cushions ensure your watches retain their shape without undue stress on straps, and with 15 TDP settings and versatile rotation options, every timepiece is maintained with precision.

Versatile Power Options

Designed for global compatibility, our safes feature a versatile 12V AC/DC adapter. This ensures seamless functionality in any country, whether your home electricity is 110V or 230V.

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