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What is an Intelligent Digital RFID locking system for watch winder?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. By using the radio frequency, RFID can receive such signal transmissions over a short-range even without a contact point.

Orient Crown uses the latest RFID technology to modernize the designing of a watch winder. Check out Baron Watch Winder Series OCW1011  has a build-in Biometric Fingerprint (register up to 30 fingerprints) and comes with Digital Combination Lock with a security token and card (pair up to 5 users).

BARON SERIES  has 6 winders or a 10 watch winder depending on your needs. The interior of this watch winder is using elegant black velvet and the exterior is using selected wood with elegant black high-gloss lacquer coating. The watch winder holder comes with memory foam cushions that comfortably hold the watches up. Additionally, the interior is using Blue LED lighting technology to beautify your watch showcase.

BARON SERIES  watch winder is fully automated and is equipped with Time Park® technology. Each winder has an individual controller and it is the perfect solution to store your watches with different TPD setting requirements. Uses one of the top best Japanese motors with silent movement, you will be assured of the high quality. Orient Crown has improved the winder holder size wider and deeper, making your timepieces more secure with comfort. Contemporary modern design is so beautifully created for all watch collectors.


A quick look at the technical facts:

 Turns Per Day

Advanced Digital 15 TPD settings, ranges from 650/750/850/1000/1950

Directional Setting

Clockwise, Anti-clockwise or Bi-directional

Security & Software

- Intelligent Digital RFID Lock System

- Comes with Biometric Fingerprint (register up to 30 fingerprints)

- Comes with Digital Combination Lock with security token and card (pair up to 5 users)

- Tempered glass window 

- Door sensor to pause winding when door is opened

Power Options

- 5V AC/DC (adapter included)

- Micro USB port (USB cable is not included)

Warranty Period

2 years

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