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Why you need a watch winder for your automatic watch?

Why you need a watch winder for your automatic watch?

If you own more than one automatic watch, then a watch winder might be a good idea for you. 

Choosing a well-designed watch winder keeps unworn watches properly lubricated and ready to wear. Another benefit of a watch winder is to keep your watch on time and provide you with the convenience of not having to reset or adjust the day and date after unused periods.

Here are the 4 most important and yet practical steps for choosing Watch Winders

Step 1 - Choose a watch winder with additional slots, you can keep more automatic watches in the future.

Step 2 - Get to know your watch TPD (turn per day), so that choosing a watch winder can be programmed to accommodate this range

Step 3 - Choose a watch winder that supports clockwise, counter-clockwise rotation or even bi-directional, so that your watches can rotate in any direction from the watch winder for efficiency.

Step 4 - Only purchase the watch winder with after-sales servicing support, I beg you will thank me after.

Please take note, different watch brand and model has a different TPD, still don’t know your watch TPD, contact the watch manufacturer for more information or find your watch TPD click here


Did you know?

Orient Crown develops state-of-the-art technology to pursue higher precision for all the watch winders. Without any compromising, every watch winder is carefully designed to articulate sheer luxury and absolute perfect functionality. 

As a global participant and partner with Baselworld, Orient Crown has exceeded the industry expectations in year 2019 with its exclusive watch winders designs. Orient Crown will be launching new designs and more collections in the upcoming Baselworld Exhibition in Switzerland, at Messe Basel.



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