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Lightweight Build

Ultra-Sturdy Design

Carbon Fiber Finishing

Memory Foam Cushion

About the Elite Carbon-15

Refined Mobility

The Elite Briefcases crafted with high-grade materials, each briefcase presents a secure, plush haven for your timepieces. Lockable and crafted for convenience, these cases ensure your watches travel in impeccable style and safety, reflecting the sophistication of their contents. Whether for personal use or as a distinguished gift, the Elite Briefcase Collection is a testament to luxury in motion.




290 L X 280 W X 110 H mm


3 Kg


The Elite Carbon-15 Briefcase showcases a durable carbon fiber PU exterior and a soft gray velvet interior.

Elite Carbon-15

Experience the Perfect Harmony of Style and Precision with Our Sleek Design, Superior Protection Combo!

Exterior Finish

- Expertly crafted with high-grade carbon fiber PU, the Elite Carbon-15 Briefcase's exterior is not just striking in appearance but built to withstand the rigors of travel, protecting your valuable timepieces with unmatched durability.

Interior Lining

- Lined with plush gray velvet, the interior of the Elite Carbon-15 cradles each watch in luxury, providing a soft touch against delicate timepiece faces and bands, ensuring they remain scratch-free and secure.

Watch Cushions

- Each of the 15 compartments includes a removable E memory foam cushion, meticulously designed to adapt to any watch size and shape, offering superior protection and maintaining the integrity of your watch straps over time.

Security Lock

- Security meets style with the Elite Carbon-15's sophisticated lock mechanism. This feature ensures that only you have access to your collection, giving you peace of mind whether at home or on the move.


Watch Storge

Designed to cater to a variety of storage needs, providing secure and ample space for watches, ensuring your collection remains organized and accessible.


Lock System

A steadfast locking system is a standard feature across our entire line of briefcases, offering peace of mind with a uniform level of security for your valuable timepieces wherever you go.

Sophisticated Exterior

The Elite Carbon-15 Briefcase is a handcrafted masterpiece, specifically designed for the discerning traveler. Exuding elegance and sophistication, the exterior boasts high-quality selected wood, meticulously covered with premium carbon fiber PU. This striking design is not only a visual delight but offers a durable shield for your treasured timepieces.

Luxurious Interior

Step into the world of luxury with the Elite Carbon-15’s plush interior, where your watches rest in the embrace of soft gray velvet lining. Each of the 15 compartments features a removable E memory foam cushion, ensuring that your watches are cradled securely, maintaining their pristine condition no matter where your travels take you.

Unparalleled Functionality

Beyond its good looks, the Elite Carbon-15 Briefcase is as functional as it is beautiful. The lockable front lid guarantees security for your collection, providing peace of mind alongside convenience. Whether you're gifting it to a loved one or treating yourself, this briefcase is a testament to taste and practicality, an indispensable accessory for any watch enthusiast on the move.

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