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Colour: BC


High Gloss Wood

Secure Lock Mechanism

Luxe Velvet Lining

Compartmentalized Storage

About the Glaem

Refined Mobility

Discover elegance and utility with our Jewelry Boxes Collection—a curated selection designed for both protection and presentation. Each piece combines secure storage with refined aesthetics, ensuring your treasured jewelry is kept in impeccable condition and always ready to complement your moments.




330L X 205W X 88H mm


5 Kg


The Gleam is a masterful confluence of materials, where the high gloss wood finish pairs with the luxurious soft velvet lining to protect and organize your treasured jewelry with grace and style.


Experience the Perfect Harmony of Style and Precision with Our Sleek Design, Superior Protection Combo!

High Gloss Wood Finish

- The Gleam jewelry box shines with an elegant high gloss lacquer finish, giving it a sophisticated sheen that stands out on any dresser or vanity.

Luxurious Velvet Interior

- Inside, the soft velvet lining provides a plush environment that prevents scratches and offers an organized space for an array of jewelry pieces.

Versatile Storage Compartments

-The box features spacious and versatile compartments, including a fully removable tray and a special section for necklaces, catering to all organizational needs.

Elegant Mirror Feature

- A built-in mirror adds functionality and charm, allowing for convenient adorning of jewelry and ensuring each piece is showcased to its fullest potential.


Jewelry Storage

Designed to cater to a variety of storage needs, providing secure and ample space for Jewelry, ensuring your collection remains organized and accessible.

Elegance in Organization

The Gleam offers not just storage but an organized retreat for your jewelry; its various compartments and removable tray allow for easy sorting, ensuring each piece remains untangled and ready to wear.

Stylish Security

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the lockable lid of the Gleam jewelry box offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing your jewelry is securely stored away from prying eyes and hands.

Ideal for Gifting

With its chic appearance and practical design, the Gleam is the perfect gift for someone special, reflecting thoughtfulness and a taste for the finer things in life.

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