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Colour: BLK



Black Wood Finish

Secure Locking

About the Time Trove

Substantial Specification

Captivate your senses and safeguard your horological treasures in a chest that exudes mystery and promises unparalleled care for your collection.




365 L X 210 W X 85 H mm


4 Kg


The Spectacles 5 is a fusion of sophistication and functionality, featuring a sturdy wooden structure with a striking high gloss finish. Inside, soft velvet lines each compartment, ensuring delicate care for your Spectacles, while the acrylic top adds a modern touch and practical visibility.

Spectacles 5

Our Spectacle Box is not just a statement of sophistication but a sanctuary for the distinguished collector.

High Gloss Wood Exterior

- The Spectacles 5 boasts a high gloss wood finish, offering a blend of traditional elegance and contemporary flair, perfect for showcasing your Spectacle collection.

Soft Velvet Interior

- Open to discover a luxurious velvet lining, providing a soft and protective environment for up to 5 Spectacles, ensuring each piece is snugly secured.

Acrylic Top View

- Enhanced with a large acrylic top, the Spectacles 5 allows for an unobstructed view of your Spectacles, merging aesthetic display with functional design.


Wooden Champers

Store and protect your Spectacles in a handcrafted wooden chest with plush, soft padding for delicate support and care.

Elegant Display and Protection

Not just a storage solution, the Spectacles 5 is a showcase for your Spectacles, with its high gloss finish and clear acrylic top providing both style and a practical way to admire your collection without opening the chest.

Ideal Gift for Watch Aficionados

Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, the Spectacles 5 is an exceptional choice, offering an elegant way to organize and protect valuable Spectacles, making it a superb option for both personal and corporate gifting.