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Colour: C


RFID & Biometric Security

Time Park® Technology

Elegant Piano Finish

Silent Motor

About the Grandeur 16

Substantial Specification

The Grandeur Series OCW1079 stands as Orient Crown's crowning achievement, a fusion of exceptional artistry and pioneering technology. As a second-generation model, it goes beyond merely winding your watch; it envelopes each timepiece within a cascade of features, seamlessly blending luxury and utility.




490 L X 270 W X 635 H mm 


30 Kg


Orient Crown's Grandeur Series features an exquisite piano-finished wood exterior with a high-gloss lacquer coat. Inside, grey silky-smooth velvet envelops precious timepieces, while tempered glass ensures durability and clear visibility, showcasing both functionality and refined artistry.

Grandeur 16-1D

Explore The Perfect Combination of Elegance and Precision With Our Watch Winder.

Multi-Type LED Lighting & RGB system

- Change the light color to set the stage for your timepieces to shine. Adjust the lighting to create the mood using a remote control, and let your collection weave its mesmerizing tales under the perfect glow.

Automatic Pause-Resume

- Experience enchantment with each approach; your winder intuitively halts, pausing its motion as you open the door. It anticipates your touch, and once you close the door, it seamlessly resumes its rotation, mirroring your presence and absence in harmony.

Customizable Winding Directions

- Your unique journey, your rules. Tailor the winding direction to suit your watch's preference, whether it's clockwise, anti-clockwise, or bi-directional. Plus, it can accommodate watches with widths up to 65 mm.

Precision Meets Protection

- Dive into 15 precise TPD settings, including exhilarating quick winding. With a thoughtful parental keypad lock, ensure young curiosity doesn't alter your meticulous settings. Your pace, perfectly preserved.

The Pane

- A lockable door with multiple locking systems and hinges, combined with a tempered glass front, unveils the souls of your timepieces. This design lets you feel every heartbeat of the passing moments.


Watch Winders

Among its notable attributes lies the inclusion of sixteen individual Time Park® tech winders, each meticulously controlled individually for optimal performance.


Storage Drawer

A dedicated space where each accessory and document finds its own sanctuary, a thoughtful drawer that cradles your valuables


Years Satisfactory Warranty

Every winder we craft is not just a product but a promise—a promise of durability, superior performance.

Lustrous Elegance & Tender Embrace

The high-gloss lacquer finish radiates unparalleled sophistication, turning every gaze into an admiration. Beyond its beauty, inside, memory foam cushions cradle your watch, cherishing its story with a delicacy that preserves both its form and the timeless moments it signifies.

Velvet Haven

Dive into an interior of exquisite elegance, where every watch finds its sanctuary. The grey silky-smooth velvet doesn't just add beauty; it provides a gentle, luxurious embrace, ensuring each timepiece retains its pristine luminance amidst utmost comfort.

Masterful Timekeeping

Delve into the pinnacle of watch care with the Time Park® technology, a testament to precision and reliability. Orient Crown harmoniously integrates this revolutionary system, ensuring every tick your watch makes is synchronized to perfection. Complementing this is the silent motor, recognized for its whisper-quiet operation and consistent delivery. Together, they represent a symphony of engineering excellence.

Unyielding Fortress Security

Orient Crown doesn't merely secure; it guarantees a sanctuary. With the finest RFID & Biometric systems and the ability to recognize digital numbers (card, tags) for up to 5 users and 30 fingerprint users, our commitment goes beyond protection. Entrust your cherished items to a meticulously engineered system, where modern technology meets timeless tranquility, ensuring every access is both state-of-the-art and profoundly reassuring.

Power Flexibility

Designed for global compatibility, our winders feature a versatile 5V AC/DC adapter. This ensures seamless functionality in any country, whether your home electricity is 110V or 230V.