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Colour: U-TIF


High Gloss Wood

Secure Lock Mechanism

Luxe Velvet Lining

Compartmentalized Storage

About the Rosea

Refined Mobility

Discover elegance and utility with our Jewelry Boxes Collection—a curated selection designed for both protection and presentation. Each piece combines secure storage with refined aesthetics, ensuring your treasured jewelry is kept in impeccable condition and always ready to complement your moments.




350L X 240W X 230H mm


9 Kg


Crafted with a discerning eye for quality, the Rosea jewelry box features a sturdy wooden construction beneath its lustrous high gloss finish. The velvety interior lining offers a gentle touch, promising a perfect blend of durability and elegance.


Experience the Perfect Harmony of Style and Precision with Our Sleek Design, Superior Protection Combo!

High-Gloss Finish

- The Rosea jewelry box's high-gloss lacquer coating not only protects but accentuates the natural beauty of the wood, offering a stunning display piece for any setting.

Velvet-Lined Interior

- Your treasures are cradled in luxury within Rosea's soft velvet lining, ensuring delicate pieces are stored without risk of damage.

Secure and Private

- Privacy meets ease with Rosea’s lock and key mechanism, ensuring your jewelry remains not only organized but secure from prying eyes and hands.

Elegance Mirror

- A gracefully integrated mirror within the Rosea box combines functionality with elegance, ensuring your jewels are as radiant as you are before stepping out.


Jewelry Storage

Designed to cater to a variety of storage needs, providing secure and ample space for Jewelry, ensuring your collection remains organized and accessible.

Distinctive Aesthetic

The striking yellow Camphor finish of the Radiance not only adds a pop of color to your décor but also encapsulates the essence of elegance, making it a focal point of any dressing area.

Versatile Functionality

With its diverse storage options, the Radiance can comfortably accommodate watches, cufflinks, and a variety of jewelry, ensuring that each item is nestled in its designated spot for optimal organization and accessibility.

Secure and Gift-Worthy

The lockable lid secures your valuables, offering tranquility of mind, while its sophisticated design and impeccable finish make the Radiance an exceptional personal or corporate gift for any occasion.

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