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Colour: High Gloss Black


Number Of Winders: 24 Winders + 3 Drawers

Number Of Winders

Digital Locking

Top Grain Leather

Customizable Winders

Solid Steel Body

About the Titan 160

The Ultimate Protector

Crafted for discerning individuals who demand the utmost in security and elegance, the Titan 72 safe stands as a pinnacle of protection for personal treasures. It blends the impenetrable strength of carefully selected materials with the refined aesthetics of custom finishes, ensuring your valuables are guarded with unparalleled reliability. Designed to offer a seamless experience, it promises not only to safeguard your investments but to present them with a level of luxury that matches their significance.




1620 H X 790 L X 720 W mm


430 Kg


Crafted for endurance, the Titan 72 showcases a 2.5mm steel body and 6mm door, fortified with dual-layer fireproofing. The exterior, customizable in an array of luxurious leathers, radiates both security and sophistication.

  • Thickness: Body, 2.5mm; Door, 6mm
  • Width of door frame 120.6mm, 
  • Body: 2 layers of 12mm fireproof board, Door: 4 layers of 12mm
  • Both Internal door frame and back cover have the fireproof seal.
  • Door back cover with one layer of 16mm fireproof board
  • Outside hinges: 3
  • Anti-drill plate 
  • 30 min fire resistant
  • 5 spoke handle 
  • Securam Digital Lock UL certificate
  • 4 sides bolts

Titan 160

Experience the Perfect Harmony of Style and Precision with Our Watch Winder and Safe Combo!


- Experience tailored precision with a separate Turn-Per-Day (TPD) controller for every watch winder, ensuring optimal care for each timepiece.


- With integrated humidity and temperature gauges, our safes ensure you're always aware of the conditions inside, safeguarding your valuables from potential environmental harm.

Locking Mechanism

- Combine the UL certified Type 1 Electronic Lock (SECURAM) with a robust 4-way, 32mm bolt work locking system for enhanced security.


- Combining elegance with durability, our product features a top leather exterior complemented by a high-quality scratch-resistant powder coating finish.


Watch Winders

Among its notable attributes lies the inclusion of five watch winders, each meticulously controlled individually for optimal performance.


Storage Drawers

The dual drawers provide a secure and organized haven for your treasured belongings, be it heirloom jewelry, valuable trinkets, or sentimental tokens.


Years Satisfactory Warranty

Every safe we craft is not just a product but a promise—a promise of durability, superior performance, and uncompromised safety.

Fireproof Mastery

Tested to provide an approximate 30-minute fire rating, the Titan 160 commitment to safety is unmatched. Both its internal door frame and back cover are meticulously sealed with fireproof material, bolstered further by a 16mm fireproof board on the door's back cover. It's not just secure but also stylish.

Substantial Build for Superior Protection

The Titan 160 stands as a paragon of security, its formidable structure cast from a 6mm thick door and a resilient 2.5mm body. Double-layered with 12mm fireproof board throughout its body and quadrupled within its door, this safe is engineered to withstand extreme conditions, offering you a sanctuary for your valuables.

High-Security Systems

Security is further reinforced by the Securam Digital Lock, boasting a UL certification for its trustworthiness. With a 5-spoke handle and a 4-sided bolt system featuring large 50.8mm bolts, the Titan 160 ensures your possessions are guarded with an almost impenetrable barrier, augmented by an anti-drill plate for that extra layer of security.

Unmatched Accessibility

Embracing versatility, the Titan 160 start with 24 Watch Winders and three lavish storage drawers. Its spacious design is complemented by the significant door frame width, ensuring that every piece, from watches to heirlooms, finds its secure spot. Ease of access is assured with three outside hinges, permitting the door to open wide for convenient storage and retrieval.

Integrated Time Park® Winders

Our safes aren't just about security; they cater to the aficionados of luxury timepieces. The Time Park® winders technology ensures the precise care and optimum maintenance of your automatic watches, every second of every day.

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