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Colour: BLK


Digital locking

Genuine leather exterior

Customizable Winders

Solid Steel Body

About the Signature 180

High Specification

The Anti-Burglary safe is a highly secure option for safeguarding valuables, featuring robust steel construction, fire resistance, and advanced locking mechanisms. Its electronic lock offers convenient access. With options for Watch Winder storage and drawers, it combines protection with functionality.




789 L x 670 W x 1810 H mm


450 Kg


Constructed from robust 12mm thick solid steel, each Signature 180 safe boasts laser-cut precision coupled with heavy-duty bolts. Encased within an 8mm solid steel body, it promises 30-minute fire resistance.

  • 12 mm Solid steel , laser cutting door with heavy duty locking bolt works
  • 8 mm Solid steel construction body
  • 12 mm fireboard ( six sided )
  • 30min fire resistance
  • 4 ways, 32mm bolt work locking system
  • Spring loaded re-locker and anti-drill lock plate
  • Electronic Lock (SECURAM) UL certified
  • Digital locking
  • External hinges give 180° door opening
  • Individual TPD controller
  • Top grain leather

Signature 180

Experience the Perfect Harmony of Style and Precision with Our Watch Winder and Safe Combo!


- Experience tailored precision with a separate Turn-Per-Day (TPD) controller for every watch winder, ensuring optimal care for each timepiece.


- With integrated humidity and temperature gauges, our safes ensure you're always aware of the conditions inside, safeguarding your valuables from potential environmental harm.

Locking Mechanism

- Combine the UL certified Type 1 Electronic Lock (SECURAM) with a robust 4-way, 32mm bolt work locking system for enhanced security.


- Combining elegance with durability, our product features a top grain leather exterior.

Full Access

With the ability to swing the door open to 180ْ degrees to ensure effortless access to your valuables, optimizing convenience without any spatial restrictions.


Watch Winders

Among its notable attributes lies the inclusion of five watch winders, each meticulously controlled individually for optimal performance.


Storage Drawers

The dual drawers provide a secure and organized haven for your treasured belongings, be it heirloom jewelry, valuable trinkets, or sentimental tokens.


Years Satisfactory Warranty

Every safe we craft is not just a product but a promise—a promise of durability, superior performance, and uncompromised safety.

Unyielding Fire Resistance

In the face of unpredictable calamities, our safes ensure utmost protection. The Signature 180 is meticulously fortified with a 12mm fireboard on all six sides, offering a formidable barrier against flames. After rigorous factory testing, it's been proven to provide an impressive 30-minute fire resistance, ensuring your valuables remain untouched even when faced with the unexpected wrath of fire.

Unyielding Security Assurance

Crafted with precision, the 12 mm solid steel door undergoes a laser cutting process, fortified with heavy-duty locking bolt works. The body, made of 8 mm solid steel, collaborates with a 4-way, 32mm bolt working locking system. Further enhancements include a spring-loaded re-locker and an anti-drill lock plate, and with three outside hinges for ultimate security

High-Security Systems

Prioritizing security without compromising convenience, the Signature 180 is equipped with a UL certified Type 1 Electronic Lock by SECURAM. This high-grade digital locking system, combined with a traditional key lock, provides a dual-layered security approach, delivering peace of mind with every lock engagement.

Opulent Interiors & Premium Craftsmanship

Dive into the opulent embrace of the Signature 180's interior. plush luxury of finest woods and fabrics., it assures both enduring beauty and the safeguarding of your valuables against inadvertent blemishes. The exterior, gracefully cloaked in top grain leather, exudes a level of luxury that speaks volumes of your refined taste.

Integrated Time Park® Winders

Our safes aren't just about security; they cater to the aficionados of luxury timepieces. The Time Park® winders technology ensures the precise care and optimum maintenance of your automatic watches, every second of every day.

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