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Colour: EBO


Time Park® Technology

Multiple Power Options

Silent Motor Technology

About the Majeste’ 1*1

Substantial Specification

Embrace the Harmony of Form and Function: This dual watch winder fuses high-performance silence with an aesthetic designed to captivate and impress. Step into the realm of elite timepiece care.




240 L x 160 W  x 180 H mm




Encased in high-gloss lacquer of piano black, carbon fiber, or mahogany, this winder’s exterior radiates elegance. Inside, the plush velvet interior cradles timepieces up to 47mm with utmost care.

Majeste’ 1*1

Explore The Perfect Combination of Elegance and Precision With Our Watch Winder.

Comfort Meets Illumination

- The meticulous inclusion of memory foam cushions ensures your treasured timepiece rests in an embrace of comfort and safety.

Precision Winding at Your Command

- Tailor your timepiece's care with 15 meticulous TPD settings, ranging from 650 to 1950, ensuring optimal wind for every watch. Choose your direction — clockwise, anti-clockwise, or bi-directional — for a personalized winding journey that meets the unique needs of your luxury collection.

Crystal Clarity & Protection

Behold your timepieces through the pristine transparency of our tempered glass and acrylic window. This durable, clear view not only showcases your watch in full splendor but also shields it with robust protection, ensuring your collection remains both visible and secure.

Secure & Smart: Seamless Watch Protection

Our winder's lockable door with a sleek silver key ensures security, while the intuitive door sensor pauses operation for safe, convenient access.


Watch Winders

Among its notable attributes lies the inclusion of two Time Park® tech winders, meticulously controlled for optimal performance.


Year Satisfactory Warranty

Every winder we craft is not just a product but a promise—a promise of durability, superior performance.

Sleek Sophistication in Design

Wrapped in an exquisite high-gloss lacquer finish, this winder comes in choices of piano black, carbon fiber, or rich mahogany. Its robust exterior is not only a statement of style but also a promise of durability, setting a grand stage for the watches within.

Sumptuous Elegance

Wrapped in the opulence of beige velvet set against mahogany, or the sleekness of black velvet paired with black or carbon fiber finishes, our winder's interior is crafted for the discerning eye. It's a luxurious embrace for any watch, providing not just a bed for resting but a statement of style.

Versatile Power Solutions

Designed for global compatibility, our winders feature a versatile 5V AC/DC adapter. This ensures seamless functionality in any country, whether your home electricity is 110V or 230V. Additionally, they support 4 x AA batteries, offering continuous and flexible winder functionality to accommodate various user preferences and locations.

Masterful Timekeeping

Delve into the pinnacle of watch care with the Time Park® technology, a testament to precision and reliability. Orient Crown harmoniously integrates this revolutionary system, ensuring every tick your watch makes is synchronized to perfection. Complementing this is the silent motor, recognized for its whisper-quiet operation and consistent delivery. Together, they represent a symphony of engineering excellence.