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Colour: EBO


Time Park® Technology

Fine selected wood

Silent Motor

About the Baron 1

Substantial Specification

The Baron Series epitomizes Orient Crown's excellence, melding flawless craftsmanship with groundbreaking ingenuity. Beyond merely winding your esteemed watches, it envelops them in a harmonious blend of features, striking a balance between opulence and practicality.




120 (l) x 200 (w) x 130 (h)mm


1 kg


Expertly crafted from select wood with a sleek high-gloss black lacquer finish, the interior reveals a plush black velvet, ensuring sophistication meets protection for valued timepieces.

Baron 1

Explore The Perfect Combination of Elegance and Precision With Our Watch Winder.

Comfort Meets Illumination

- The meticulous inclusion of memory foam cushions ensures your treasured timepiece rests in an embrace of comfort and safety. Coupled with a soft white LED glow, the winder doesn’t just protect your watch; it accentuates its elegance.

Precision at Your Fingertips

- Utilize the Advanced Knob TPD Controller, allowing you to meticulously customize your timepiece's winding to its specific requirements. Boasting 15 distinct TPD knob settings and adaptable rotation directions, you ensure peak performance and prolonged lifespan for each cherished watch.


Watch Winder

Among its notable attributes lies the inclusion of one Time Park® tech winders, meticulously controlled for optimal performance.


Years Satisfactory Warranty

Every winder we craft is not just a product but a promise—a promise of durability, superior performance.

Timeless Elegance in Every Detail

Crafted from select wood and enveloped in a lustrous high-gloss black lacquer finish, this watch winder's exterior is a testament to refined taste and sophistication. Its design seamlessly marries luxury with timeless appeal, making it a fitting home for your prized timepiece.

Velvet Embrace: The Essence of Luxury

Nestle your prized timepiece within an interior of sheer elegance. Crafted with plush black velvet, this sanctuary ensures not only the utmost care but also presents your watch in a setting that radiates sophistication and class.

Power Source

Designed for global compatibility, our winders feature a versatile 5V AC/DC adapter. This ensures seamless functionality in any country, whether your home electricity is 110V or 230V. Additionally, they support 4 x AA batteries, offering continuous and flexible winder functionality to accommodate various user preferences and locations.