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Colour: CS



High-Gloss Finish

Secure Locking

About the Horizon 5

Substantial Specification

Step into a world of refined elegance where your prized timepieces dwell; the Horizon 5 stands as a testament to opulent design and precise craftsmanship.




350 L X 120 W X 90 H mm


3 Kg


A fusion of glossy wood elegance and velvet softness opens up to cradle your esteemed watches, inviting admiration and reverence in every glance.

Horizon 5

Our Watch Box is not just a statement of sophistication but a sanctuary for the distinguished collector.

Crystal Clarity & Protection

- Showcase your watches with elegance; the expansive acrylic top panel presents a seamless view into the heart of your collection, combining protection with visual appeal.

Enhanced Security

- Each timepiece is protected with a key-lockable lid, ensuring your collection is securely stored with a touch of class.


Wooden Champers

Store and protect five watches in a handcrafted wooden chest with plush, soft padding for delicate support and care.


Wide Watches

Designed for distinction, this chest houses three watches up to 47mm wide, ensuring a snug fit for your expansive timepieces.

Crafted Excellence: A Showcase of Artisan Skill

Delve into the world of artisanal precision with our Exterior's lustrous wood finish. Each handcrafted watch box stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, offering a dignified sanctuary for your prized watches.

Sumptuous Suede and Velvet

Cocoon your cherished timepieces in the lavish embrace of our watch box's interior, where sumptuous suede fabric and a soft velvet lining converge to offer an opulent sanctuary. This plush haven guards against scratches and ensures that your watches rest in the lap of luxury.