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Color: Brown + Black


Ultra-Sturdy Design

Lightweight Build

Camel Velvet

Memory Foam Cushion

About the Elite Leather-15

Refined Mobility

The Elite Briefcases crafted with high-grade materials, each briefcase presents a secure, plush haven for your timepieces. Lockable and crafted for convenience, these cases ensure your watches travel in impeccable style and safety, reflecting the sophistication of their contents. Whether for personal use or as a distinguished gift, the Elite Briefcase Collection is a testament to luxury in motion.




400L X 280W X 110H mm


2.55 Kg


The Elite Alu-21 showcases a sleek exterior forged from high-grade aluminum, offering a perfect blend of robust protection and modern aesthetics. Inside, the plush camel velvet interior provides a soft haven, ensuring each timepiece rests in a scratch-free environment that speaks of luxury and care.

Elite Alu-21

Experience the Perfect Harmony of Style and Precision with Our Sleek Design, Superior Protection Combo!

Aluminum Casing

- Crafted with a sleek aluminum exterior, the Elite Alu-21 showcases a fusion of industrial resilience and contemporary aesthetics, ensuring your watches are encased in a fortress of style.

Camel Velvet Lining

- Each timepiece nestles against the plush camel velvet interior, a testament to elegance that safeguards against scratches and provides a cushion of luxury for your collection.

Generous Dimensions

- Our meticulously designed compartments offer generous dimensions, making the Elite Alu-21 an exemplar of functional opulence, where each watch finds its haven.

Key Lock Security

- Secured by a traditional key lock, this briefcase offers a timeless approach to security. The sturdy mechanism stands guard, ensuring that only you can access your prized timepieces.


Watch Storge

Designed to cater to a variety of storage needs, providing secure and ample space for watches, ensuring your collection remains organized and accessible.


Lock System

A steadfast locking system is a standard feature across our entire line of briefcases, offering peace of mind with a uniform level of security for your valuable timepieces wherever you go.


Years Satisfactory Warranty

Every piece we craft is not just a product but a promise—a promise of durability, superior performance, and uncompromised safety.

Enhanced Watch Protection

With the Elite Alu-21, your collection is not just stored; it’s enshrined. Each of the 21 compartments cradles your watches in velvet, a material synonymous with gentle care and opulent aesthetics. This isn’t merely a case; it’s a sanctuary for your valued timepieces.

Optimized Organization

Maximize your collection's accessibility with the Elite Alu-21's spacious and orderly storage. The careful arrangement minimizes contact between watches, reducing wear and tear, while the ample space caters to watches of various sizes, offering a custom-fit sensation for each piece.

Reliable Security

The Elite Alu-21’s locking mechanism isn’t just about security; it's about peace of mind. The solid key lock system is a nod to traditional security, providing a tangible sense of control and personal touch to the safety of your watches, ensuring that privacy and protection are at your fingertips.

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