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Advanced RFID Lock System

Fancy Rose Wood

Silent Motor

Magic Glass

Time Park® Technology

About the Caesar

Substantial Specification

CAESAR SERIES: A fusion of grandeur and ingenious design. Step into an arena where ageless elegance intertwines with cutting-edge technology, cherishing your esteemed timepieces with unmatched luxury. Delve deeper to explore the zenith of watch winding.




760 (l) x 450 (w) x 1800 (h) mm

  • weight with the safe box 200 kg
  • without the safe box 150 kg

Carved from premium rose wood and adorned with top grain genuine leather, the CAESAR SERIES radiates luxury. Inside, camel velvet caresses each timepiece, blending robust protection with opulent aesthetics.


Explore The Perfect Combination of Elegance and Precision With Our Watch Winder.

LED Illumination

- The strategically placed white LED lights enhance the showcase effect, accentuating the beauty of your collection.

Secure & Accessible

- Safety meets convenience with the Finger Print RFID Lock System. Gain access through a password, token, card, or a simple touch of your finger – catering for up to 30 individual users.

Secured Elegance Below

- Nestled in the base, the CAESAR SERIES boasts nine fully automatic winders, dedicated specifically to the integrated safe box. This design not only ensures optimal winding precision but offers an extra layer of security for your treasured timepieces, right at the foundation.

Precision in Every Turn

- With 48 Time Park® tech-enabled winders, the CAESAR SERIES offers refined customization—from 15 TPD settings (650-1950) to your choice of rotation direction. Every detail is tailored for your timepiece's impeccable care.


Meticulous Winders

The CAESAR SERIES boasts 57 Time Park® winders, crafted for all watch varieties. Silent Japanese motors drive each turn, with 9 dedicated to the bottom safe. Every motion epitomizes precision and artistry.


Years Satisfactory Warranty

Every winder we craft is not just a product but a promise—a promise of durability, superior performance.

A Symphony of Craftsmanship & Elegance

Embrace the sheer beauty of meticulously chosen rose wood, exuding natural elegance and warmth. Paired seamlessly with the rich texture of top grain leather, the exterior not only safeguards your precious timepieces but also stands as a testament to enduring luxury and artistry.

Mystique of the Magic Glass

Harnessing the power of 60V AC, the CAESAR SERIES introduces the enchantment of the Magic Glass. Revel in the unobstructed view of your cherished timepieces when desired, and with a mere touch, ensure their privacy. It's where functionality gracefully dances with allure.

Opulent Oasis for Timepieces

Inside the CAESAR SERIES, sumptuous camel velvet lines the interior, creating a lavish backdrop for your watches. Coupled with memory foam cushions, this ensures every timepiece rests in luxurious comfort, while enjoying the precise care of the Time Park® winding technology.

Fortified Elegance: Beyond a Lock

Safeguard your cherished timepieces with the advanced Finger Print RFID Lock System. Accommodating fingerprint, password, token, or card access, and registering up to 30 fingerprints and 5 users, ensure an enclave of luxury and security.

Masterful Timekeeping

Delve into the pinnacle of watch care with the Time Park® technology, a testament to precision and reliability. Orient Crown harmoniously integrates this revolutionary system, ensuring every tick your watch makes is synchronized to perfection. Complementing this is the silent motor, recognized for its whisper-quiet operation and consistent delivery. Together, they represent a symphony of engineering excellence.